Program Options

The associate of arts degree in administrative assistance is a two-year program that will prepare you for a career in professional settings such as legal, educational, and accounting offices. Banks, insurance agencies, and almost any type of business that needs office support personnel also employ our graduates. Courses include:

  • Business Administration 100 (an introduction to Microsoft Office)
  • Management and Marketing, along with other business electives
  • Five degree-oriented courses
  • Core Program requirements 
  • A few electives 
  • A communication course
  • For a medical emphasis, you can add human anatomy and physiology or medical terminology

Should you decide to continue your studies for a four-year major, the courses you’ve taken will satisfy many of the core requirements for other programs. Each year, several administrative assistant students decide to remain at Dordt College to work toward four-year degrees in business education, business administration, or communication; some even enter fields unrelated to business.