Business Internship FAQ for Prospective Students

Are internships paid positions?
Almost all summer internships are paid and most semester-long internships are paid. Some businesses elect to pay an hourly rate and others simply give the intern a stipend for the semester. In the Sioux Center area the rates can range from five to eight dollars an hour for business internships. Accounting internships tend to have higher pay. Other areas of the country will vary.

Are all internships during the academic year?
About half of our internships are during the academic year. The other half are during the summer.

Are most internships in Sioux Center?
The majority of our summer internships are not in the Sioux Center area. Many intern in Iowa and surrounding states, but we place interns virtually anywhere in the United States. An intern's summer location is largely dependent on his or her network. During the academic year, most of our interns find themselves with companies very close to Sioux Center (including Sioux Falls and Sioux City), but our international internships are an exception. We have placed interns in Haiti, Africa, Mexico, and Nicaragua during the academic year.

How many interns does the Dordt University business department place in a year?
We've averaged over 65 internships a year over the past three years.

Why does the department recommend that every business major participate in at least one internship?
Internships allow you to apply what you've learned in the classroom. As such, they provide an excellent opportunity for you to reflect on Christian perspective and its relationship to business. Historically, 90 percent of our students participate in an internship.

How many internships may I do?
The number is unlimited, although you may apply only nine credits (three internships) to a general business major and only three credits (one internship) to an accounting major. You may apply additional internship credits to your free electives. Additional internships are particularly helpful to accounting majors in fulfilling the new 150 hours requirement.