Business Internship FAQ for Employers

What does my business get out of a Dordt internship?

You get a great deal of added value at minimal cost. Employers find Dordt students to be extremely hard-working and conscientious. For example, one global business has begun to give Dordt University interns priority over other internship candidates due to the consistently high standards Dordt interns have brought to the job site.

Am I going to have to sit with the intern and explain everything for hours every day?

The last thing we want from an internship is an employer who feels that the internship was a distraction. Our interns enter the internship expecting to work and to work hard. The best internships are those where the intern is encouraged to roll up his or her sleeves and dig in. On the other hand, the intern will need reasonable supervision, which includes the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered in order to complete assignments capably.

Are there other specific things I need to do as an intern's supervisor?

Yes. We ask every internship supervisor to do the following:

  • Formally interview the intern and discuss the interview with the intern.
  • Work with the intern on a Training Plan and append it to the Internship Agreement. The Training Plan should give us an idea of what you would like the intern to do/learn during the course of the internship. The Training Plan may be extremely simple (three or four bulleted items) or extremely detailed (a day-by-day summary of what the intern will do).
  • Evaluate the intern. We will send you an evaluation form toward the end of the internship. The internship coordinator will also call you or visit your place of business during the internship.
  • (Optional) Take part in a site visit from the internship coordinator.

Are internships paid positions?

Almost all summer internships are paid and most semester-long internships are paid. We ask that you consider the value you'll get from the intern and pay accordingly. Some businesses elect to pay an hourly rate and others simply give the intern a stipend for the semester. We leave the details to be worked out between you and the intern.

So what's a reasonable rate?

In the Sioux Center area, anywhere from five to eight dollars an hour for business internships. Accounting internships tend to have higher pay. Other areas of the country will vary.

Are all internships during the academic year?

About half of our internships are during the academic year. The other half are during the summer.