Administrative Assistant

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Do you want to receive top-notch technical training and become part of a Christian community? Dordt is one of the few places where you can spend two years on the campus of a Christian comprehensive university, while you prepare for a career as an administrative assistant. You will make friendships that may last a lifetime and gain a new sense of God’s calling in your life.

With opportunities for internships as well as core courses in English, history, theology, and communication, you won't just develop specific job skills. You'll learn how to think critically, how to understand issues, and how to articulate your values.

An administrative assistant degree from Dordt will teach you to be a confident and capable employee. Employers look for intelligent and responsible problem solvers with good computer skills who are able to take initiative in their work—and our graduates have those qualities.

Program Options

The associate of arts degree in administrative assistance is a two-year program that will prepare you for a career in professional settings such as legal, educational, and accounting offices. Banks, insurance agencies, and almost any type of business that needs office support personnel also employ our graduates.

Courses include:

  • Business Administration 100 (an introduction to Microsoft Office)
  • Management and Marketing, along with other business electives
  • Five degree-oriented courses
  • Core Program requirements 
  • A few electives 
  • A communication course
  • For a medical emphasis, you can add human anatomy and physiology or medical terminology

Should you decide to continue your studies for a four-year major, the courses you’ve taken will satisfy many of the core requirements for other programs. Each year, several administrative assistant students decide to remain at Dordt University to work toward four-year degrees in business education, business administration, or communication; some even enter fields unrelated to business. 


The business department offers business and accounting majors the opportunity to participate in one or more internships with businesses throughout Sioux County and elsewhere. Taking learning outside the classroom offers a unique way for students to explore career options, see corporate culture in a real-time environment, and gain necessary practical experience to amplify what they've learned in the classroom.

Students may participate in a variety of local internships, in internships throughout the U.S., or in international internships. The Chicago Semester Program, the European Studies Program (SPICE), and our spring internship in Nicaragua are just some options.

Internship areas include accounting, finance, human resources, information systems, international business, marketing, management, and sales.

Our interns have handled an enormous variety of tasks and projects, including preparing income tax returns, arranging press releases, conducting employee surveys, working with payroll, developing marketing questionnaires, managing small work crews, and cataloging museum items, to name a very small sample.


Our facilities are excellent. Most classes are taught in a classroom computer lab, where you’ll have a personal computer as a tool—just like on the job. Our computers are replaced regularly and run the latest Microsoft software and other popular, state-of-the-art business applications. Labs are networked and Internet-enabled to allow easy access to information, communication, and your personal data files.

The business department regularly surveys our alumni to find out about the programs and equipment they are using in the workplace to make sure that you will have the tools you need as you begin your career.

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Dr. Brian Hoekstra

Dr. Brian Hoekstra
Professor of Business Administration

CA 311
(712) 722-6348

Tim Klein

Tim Klein
Professor of Business Administration

CA 305
(712) 722-6304

Donald Roth

Donald Roth
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Business Admin

CL 2243
(712) 722-6255

Dr. Randy Smit

Dr. Randy Smit
Professor of Business Administration

CA 310
(712) 722-6347

Dale Zevenbergen

Dale Zevenbergen
Instructor of Business Administration

CA 309
(712) 722-6349

Dr. Jan van Vliet

Dr. Jan van Vliet
Professor of Economics

CA 307
(712) 722-6267

Shirley Folkerts

Shirley Folkerts
Associate Adjunct - Business Administration

CA 308
(712) 722-6292

Shane Vander Kooi

Shane Vander Kooi
Assistant Adjunct - Construction Management

SB 2615