Campus Experience

Saving money and time in how you pursue your education doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the lifelong friendships that make college so important. As a Pro-Tech student, you will have an exciting two-year experience, taking part in campus activities, learning in classes and labs, interning at local businesses, and hanging out with new friends. 

Your week in the Pro-Tech program might look something like this:

Attend a local church
Have lunch with a family from church
Play Frisbee golf with friends at the park
Get inspired at Wellspring

Go to your Farm Welding, Fundamentals of Soil Science, and Farm Business Management classes
Hear a guest speaker at the First Mondays Speaker Series
Work on a group project
Grab a group of friends for a midnight donut run

Intern all day at Dykstra Dairy
Cheer on the Defender volleyball team
Workout at the Recreation Center

Go to classes and hands-on labs
Attend chapel
Have coffee with friends at the campus coffee shop

Work all day at your internship
Finish up a hands-on project in the high bay 
Take in a Dordt theatre production

Go to classes and hands-on labs
Play intermural basketball
Have pizza at the Grille

Replace the brakes on your truck in the high bay
Check out Falls Park in Sioux Falls
Watch a movie with friends

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