Frequently Asked Questions

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Fast facts

Degree: Associate of Science
Credits: 69.5
Length: 2 years (including summer semester)
Internships: 5 (one per semester, including summer)
Financial aid: State and federal grants and loans accepted - Financial Aid FAQ Video

About the Program

Why should you choose Dordt University over a trade school or community college?

At Dordt University, we equip you for more than just a future job. We prepare you for success in all aspects of your life and help you to see how you are a part of God’s world. We’ll prepare you for your career and calling in a way that you won't find at a traditional trade school or community college.

Ask any Dordt student what makes Dordt University so special, and you’ll likely hear, “it's the community.” The residential community at Dordt is vibrant, engaging, and welcoming. With more than 85 percent of students living on campus, there is always something to do and new friends to make. As a Pro-Tech student, you will be a vital part of the campus culture.

What is the class size?

Most of your classes will have about 20 students in them.

Will I take classes outside of my technical discipline?

Yes. Work in one profession is never cut off from the rest of the world; all work has an impact on and is impacted by other people and parts of life. You will take classes that equip you to appreciate and relate with all areas of life and deepen your understanding of how your calling fits into the big picture of God’s world.

What does the summer term look like? 

You will stay on Dordt’s campus for an extra two weeks following commencement to begin your two required summer classes. During the remainder of the summer, you will complete your full-time summer internships while continuing classes online. You will return to campus one week before the fall semester begins to complete your coursework.

What is the application process like for Pro-Tech?

There are a limited number of openings in each program, so it’s important for you to apply early. To begin the process, complete an online application. Completed applications will be reviewed, and you will be notified if you are accepted.

Can I switch to a bachelor’s program after starting in Pro-Tech?

The program’s focus is to equip you to serve in your vocation after two years. However, pathways to a bachelor’s degree are available if you choose to make a switch.

How quickly can I finish the program?

The program will require a two-year commitment; the nature of the program and the heavy emphasis on internship experiences does not allow for accelerated options.

Does Dordt accept previous college credits?

Previous college credits are accepted. Depending on the types of courses, these credits may or may not count toward the specific requirements needed to obtain a degree.

I am an international student. Can I still enroll in Pro-Tech?

Yes, but due to U.S. government regulations on international students, you will have to wait until the summer after your first year to begin your internships. You will be allowed to work on campus. To provide character-forming and hands-on work experiences, on-campus work positions will be available for you during your first academic year.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial Aid FAQs

What is the tuition for Pro-Tech?

Financial information can be found at the link below:

Tuition & Fees

As a Pro-Tech student, am I eligible for financial aid?

You can receive federal and state financial aid, including grants (e.g., Iowa Tuition Grant, Pell Grant, SEO Grant) and loans (e.g., Perkins, PLUS, Stafford). To apply, you must complete the FAFSA.

Internships and Work Experience

What will internships be like?

Internships are a major part of the Pro-Tech program. In the middle of your first semester, you will begin working two full days each week at an internship with a local company. These paid internships continue throughout the entire program, including a summer full-time internship that can be in Northwest Iowa or at a partnering business in the United States or Canada.

Are internships paid?

Internship providers believe in this program and want to help you succeed, so they will pay you for your work.

Campus Community

How will I as a Pro-Tech student fit in with other students?

There are already many two-year students on campus, and many of our four-year students are in technical bachelor’s programs like engineering, agriculture, and nursing. You will be a vital part of the community at Dordt University. Your identity on campus is not tied to the number of years on campus.

Will I be able to participate in sports, music, or other co-curricular activities?

You are eligible to participate in all campus activities. The activities available on Dordt’s residential campus are a big part of what makes Dordt University so special, and co-curricular activities are a key part of student growth and development. But because of the rigor of the Pro-Tech program, you will need to carefully balance your time between coursework, internships, and other activities. 

Will I live on campus? If so, will I live in a building with other Pro-Tech students?

Because Pro-Tech students are an important part of Dordt’s community, you will live on campus. If you are coming into the program directly from high school, you will live in the residence halls with other incoming first-year students, not necessarily with Pro-Tech students. If you transfer into the program or are above age 20, you may have the option of moving into campus apartments. If you are older, you may be presented with options of finding housing off-campus if that better suits your individual situation. 

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