Costs and Income

The table below summarizes costs and expected internship income for both the Farm Operations and Management and Manufacturing Technology programs. The detailed breakdown of costs and income provides information on these financial items on a per-semester basis.

  First two semesters Full program
Direct costs    
Tuition and fees $12,890  $29,210 
Room and meals* $9,590  $19,650 
Total $22,480  $48,860 
Internship compensation**  $4,415  $15,455 
Direct costs - income $18,065  $33,405 


* Most students live on campus, so the table includes the cost of room and meals. You may live off campus if you are at least 22 years old or live with your parents.

** This is an estimate of income that will be paid directly to you for the work you do at your internship. Your specific earnings will be determined by your actual number of hours. Internships are fully integrated into the Pro-Tech curriculum and start with two full days of work per week.

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