Are you looking for a Christian education that also focuses on a professional-technical career path? You’ve probably been running into these two choices:

  1. Go to a four-year school that doesn’t offer a hands-on, skill-focused program, or
  2. Go to a two-year vocational school that doesn’t offer a Christian perspective or community.

Dordt College offers option number three: Pro-Tech, an innovative program that gives students two-year, middle-skills training and a holistic Christian education that will prepare them for every aspect of life.

The Pro-Tech (Professional and Technical) program offers two-year associate of science degrees in manufacturing technology and farm operations and management. Dordt is uniquely qualified to offer these programs because of its location and expertise. The college exists in a region with countless partnership opportunities and local resources, and it offers existing complementary majors.

Manufacturing technology and farm operations and management are two programs that will launch in Fall 2017. They will lay the foundation for additional associate programs in future years.

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