Soccer Press Box

Braden Graves, Thaddeus Van Essendelft, and Alec Woods

We designed the structural and mechanical (HVAC) portions of and provided a cost estimate for a press box for the Dordt College soccer field. The soccer program wants this building to facilitate video recording and commentating during games, fan seating, and equipment storage at the field.

Our proposed press box features first story storage and second story media rooms for filming, commentating and taking stats. Based on a load analysis, we specified a concrete and rebar foundation, steel studs, wooden I-beam floor joists and wooden roof trusses. We also determined that a commercially available MagicPak heating and cooling unit would meet the HVAC needs for the building. In addition, a 13-row aluminum bleacher stand will sit in front of the structure to provide an inviting place for fans to congregate and watch games. We estimate that the total cost to create this facility will be approximately $181,000.