Sheet Metal Shear Backstop

Tyler Jansen and Cameron Stuive

We worked with LVO Manufacturing (Rock Rapids, IA) to design a programmable backstop for their existing sheet metal shear. LVO makes large kitchen equipment and many of their products are made from sheet metal, thus the sheet metal shear, which makes straight cuts in sheet metal, is an important piece of equipment in their manufacturing facility. The current backstop, which sets the length of the cut on the shear, frequently becomes misaligned leading to wasted sheet metal and operator frustration. LVO requested a redesigned for a backstop that addresses these problems and that is digitally programmable. Our final design strives to improve reliability and reduce frustration by utilizing high accuracy servo motors to position and a ball nut and ball screw system to physically move the two stops. Additionally, a programmable controller allows the operator to easily control the motors in order to set the desired position for the stops. This design will provide quiet, accurate, and reliable position of the backstop.