Educational Wetland

Anthony Maule, TJ Wells, Tim DeVries

The Need: Robb De Haan, Dordt College professor of environmental studies, desires to establish a wetland within the Dordt College prairie on the south edge of campus. The wetland would provide holistic educational opportunities for environmental science students at Dordt College as well as the surrounding community. In addition, this wetland would also reduce erosion and provide higher water quality downstream, improving our stewardship of God's creation.

The Solution: Water flowing into the wetland pond we designed will initially flow through a channel with gabion baskets to remove large debris prior to entering the wetland area. The wetland pond will be kidney-bean shaped and will be ringed by shallow shelves that provide a large area of shallow-water shoreline habitat for wildlife. The center of the wetland will have a deeper area which will serve for larger detention volumes and settling of other sediments. Our analyses of incoming and exiting water indicate that with the establishment of a clay liner, the wetland should be capable of detaining water year round.