Defender Utility Vehicle

Anderson Clare, Alex Davelaar, Tim Lewis, Jordann Ludwig, Jim Skinner, Daniel Sutter, Zach Wensink

The Need: Northrise University is a growing academic community in Ndola, Zambia, with a vision to impact their country through excellence in agriculture. To fulfill this vision, they need to expand their farming operation. They are currently limited by their lack of light machinery. With only a heavy truck and tractor for machinery, Northrise University needs a transportation solution that will provide fast, convenient, and efficient transportation of people, produce, and materials over short distances on the farm.

The Solution: In order to meet the needs specific to the context of Northrise University, we designed and built the Defender Utility Vehicle (DUV). The DUV was built as a four-wheeled, hydrostatic-drive utility vehicle with a dump bed, winch, and headlights. It was built for approximately $4000 (USD) and is simple enough to be copied and built by farmers in Ndola. The functionality, cost, and repeatability of the constructed DUV make it a successful solution to the need at Northrise University.