Tensile Tester

David Lammers, James Slegers, Sean Schiebout and Phil Stam


The goal of this project was to design, construct, and test a tensile testing machine to be used by Dordt College engineering students in the future. By pulling the test specimen apart a tensile test can be used to determine several physical properties of materials such as its strength and ductility. The test stand designed by the group incorporates a computer control and data acquisition system to ensure precision testing. The computer system pulls the test material at a constant rate while monitoring the applied force and resulting elongation of the sample. As part of the project the team also created a CNC program for the lathe to generate precise test specimens. The finished unit also features several components machined using the engineering department's recently acquired CNC prototyping equipment.


Machining 1 TensileFinished TesterTensile Testing