TMF Aquaponics System

Amanda Arkema, Luke Herron, Sarah Schaap, Joel Sikkema, and Jeremy Westra

The Teach a Man to Fish Aquaponics System project was performed in cooperation with the biology department of Northwestern College in Orange City, IA. The system is intended to serve low income families in Moldova by providing a reliable source of fish and fresh vegetables. The Dordt College team considered the mechanical and environmental engineering aspects of the project. The aquaponics system creates a synergy between hydroponic farming and aquaculture. Water used to support fish life is filtered and reused. Vegetables grown on the filter remove fish waste from the water and keep the filter active. The engineering students designed and constructed a filter box, bio-filter, and associated piping. These components were integrated into a full aquaponics system to demonstrate their ability to ensure reliable water quality. Fish, anyone?System