All Seasons Center Energy Audit

Jason De Stigter, Becky Mastbergen, Rick Scholtens

All Seasons Center

The All Seasons Center (a pool, ice arena, and recreational complex) started normal operations in late 2003. It was a joint effort between the City of Sioux Center, Sioux Center Community School, and Dordt College. The City of Sioux Center and Dordt College each cover half of the operating costs for the facility. Unfortunately, the utility costs, especially gas, have historically been far higher than anticipated. The actual costs are nearly twice that of the estimated, or about $100,000 more. This places an increased burden on the City of Sioux Center and Dordt College.

The objective of this design team was to conduct a thorough energy audit of the ASC facility and propose design changes to the facility or its operational processed that will conserve energy and reduce operational costs. However this project is more than about simply saving money, as the students put it in their report.

"As Christians one of our main concerns is stewardship of the resources God has given. It may seem that this project is all about money .. However, every dollar saved on energy corresponds directly to a decrease in energy use. In our current age, when the world does not know exactly where it will get energy in the next century, energy audits such as this are an important step in the right direction to reducing energy consumption. Therefore any dollar savings, which represents energy savings, is one way we can fulfill our call from God to be stewards of his creation."

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