Energy Conservation in Manufacturing

Energy Conservation in ManufacturingBy Mitchell Andringa and Caleb Woiwood

In a project related to the Manufacturing Utilities Stewardship project, students did a detailed analysis of the energy consumption and inefficiencies associated with the dehydrator booth, brazing oven, quench tank, high temperature paint booth, and compressor system used at Adams Thermal Systems (ATS). In addition to completing a thorough energy audit of these major energy consumers in the plant, students re-designed the paint booth structure to reduce energy losses. Students also designed a heat exchanger to utilize the exhaust from a brazing oven to preheat a quenching bath. The design team also made recommendations to reduce the energy consumed by the compressor used to supply process air to equipment and machines. In addition to potentially saving the company over $17,000 per year, the recommendations, if implemented, will clearly result in environmental benefits.

Energy Conservation in Manufacturing Energy Conservation in Manufacturing