Door Cycle Test Rig

by Aaron Klein, Jeremy Kuiper, Matt Ruter, Janelle Wassink

BSI-Hardware, an Amesbury Group company, located in Sioux Falls, S.D., sponsored a design team of four students from Dordt College to come up with a design for some new test equipment. The project was to create a cycle test machine for swing patio doors by engaging the multi-point lock, engaging the cylinder lock, then disengaging both locks, operating the door lever or knob, pushing it open and pulling it shut to complete one full cycle.

The new test equipment will allow BSI to cycle test various sizes of doors. In addition to a complete test cycle, each test can be performed individually so that if one only wanted to cycle test the hinges alone, the other test operations can be turned off. Cycle testing counts the number of times a piece of hardware can be operated before it "fails." Cycle test scores are used to provide manufacturers and consumers with the life expectancy of certain products. Students appreciated the opportunity to serve BSI as they seek to provide their customers with both reliable and safe products.

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