Paul Clousing

B.A. Business Administration

Paul Clousing

With a degree from Dordt College in business administration and minor in economics, Paul Clousing went from managing a grocery store to managing an entire city. Over the years, Paul's job titles have included director of community development, director of planning and development, and assistant city manager before becoming the city manager in 2005.

But city management wasn't where Paul began his business career. His first job after graduation was managing a grocery store in Sioux Center. Then, an administrative assistant position opened up with the City of Sioux Center. Paul applied, got the job, and has been working for the city ever since.

His many responsibilities as city manager include advising the city council on community economic development projects, managing the city's budget and finances, and overseeing day-to-day operations of the city. Paul believes his education prepared him well for the everyday tasks he has today.

"My Dordt education gave me critical thinking skills," he said. "In college, I learned how I needed to behave in the outside business world."

Paul also said Dordt helped him realize the direction he wanted to take in his life, and he continues to benefit from classes in management, accounting, and business law. He's convinced that Dordt believes what it teaches and strives to live it. That may be just one of the reasons why he stays actively involved in the Dordt community and holds on to many of the relationships he made in college to this day.