Theology Studies Minor

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course options

required courses:

THEO 111: Spiritual Formation (3)

What does the Christian life of faith and discipleship look like? This course will explore the history and practice of the spiritual disciplines by studying the faith lives of important figures in the history of Christianity. The purpose of this exploration is to help students see how God is at work in the history of the church so they can begin to articulate their experience of God’s work in their own lives. This is a foundational course in the theology program. It is open to any student interested in learning more about spirituality and discipleship.

must choose:

Theology 110 or 210

THEO 110: Biblical Studies Methods (3)

This course introduces interpretive approaches and practices for reading the Bible using a Reformed hermeneutical method. Students will become familiar with major resources for biblical study, interpret a variety of Old Testament and New Testament texts, and discuss the manner in which the varied contexts (e.g., social, cultural, theological) of the biblical world and contemporary readers inform exegetical study. This is a foundational course in the theology program to develop skills in biblical studies and theological writing. Open to all students seeking to develop their reading, understanding, and application of Scripture.

THEO 210: Theological Methods (3)

What are interpretive approaches and practices for studying theology from a Reformed perspective? In this course, themes for discussion include the doctrines of God, Christology, scripture, creation, fall, redemption, and eschatological consummation. Students will have an opportunity to study both the historical development of these theological topics, as well as their contemporary application.

four theology courses numbered 200 or above