Public Relations Minor

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Required Courses:

COMM 228:  Organizational Communication (3)

The analysis of formal and informal communication in such organizations as corporations and institutions. Included will be considerations of communication problems related to grapevine, rumor, channels, perception, power, status, roles, structures, etc.

COMM 260: Public Relations (3)

As an introduction to public relations, this course will set the background for additional courses in communication and business administration. After a study of the history of public relations, students will learn what is expected of public relations workers, study the various publics, become familiar with current problems and issues in public relations, analyze several cases, and develop a Christian perspective for the continued study of public relations.

COMM 261: Public Relations Writing (3)

This course is, above all, a writing course. Focused on public relations writing that serves overall organizational goals, the course readings and assignments allow students opportunities to further develop their writing, research, and critical thinking skills and creativity in one of the most culture-shaping industries.

COMM 360: Campaigns and Cases (3)

An advanced course that focuses on public relations as a management function in organizations. A key component of the course is planning and implementing a public relations campaign for a local organization. Students also will examine specific public relations contexts and analyze case studies that exemplify how real organizations successfully apply communication to take advantage of public relations opportunities and to solve public relations problems.

BUAD 206: Principles of Marketing (3)

A study of marketing institutions, product development, channels of distribution, price determination, promotion methods, government influences, and ethical problems facing marketing personnel. Includes a foundational study and discussion of business from a Christian perspective.

BUAD 336: Marketing Research (3)

A study of the various techniques used to assess the wants and needs of consumers, including focus groups and market surveys. Both qualitative and quantitative procedures will be studied with emphasis on questionnaire development and interpretation using SPSS. Business market and not-for-profit research will also be discussed. The value of secondary sources will be explored. A Christian response to the use of this analytical tool will be developed. Prerequisite: Statistics 131.