Alumni Profiles

Samantha Roos

After graduating from Dordt in May 2016, Samantha (Droog) Roos married fellow Dordt graduate Micah Roos and moved to Overland Park, Kansas. She works at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

“I work on a Kidney, Liver, and Rehab floor, caring for children ages 0 to 18,” she said. “I primarily care for children with chronic kidney or liver conditions, as well as children who have had traumatic brain injuries, as they recover from their accidents.

Many of the children we care for are on the Organ Transplant List for either a kidney or liver transplant. We are able to care for these children prior to their transplant, dealing with complications from their disease, as well as after they receive their transplant.”

Roos said her Dordt experience enabled her to discover her passions and gifts so that she could use them to help others.

“My job is very difficult, and I see so much of the sin and brokenness that fills our world,” said Roos. “I see children who have brain injuries they received from abuse by their parents, who will never walk or talk again. It is difficult and heartbreaking, yet I feel like I am exactly where God has called me to be in his kingdom. My calling is to be the hands and feet of Jesus to each and every child that I take care of, and to show them his love through my words and actions.”

Roos says her Dordt experience pushed her to grow spiritually, helped her to gain skills that she needs to best care for her patients, and caused her to realize that God has called her to serve.

“I miss the amount of time and resources they provided for spiritual development,” she said. “I miss being able to go to Praise and Worship every Thursday, Chapel on Wednesday, and GIFT on Sunday nights. There are so many ways to grow your spiritual life and help develop your knowledge of God and his world. I also really miss the Dordt community and spending so much time going to various events and games with my friends.”