Literature emphasis

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See the world through the pages you read, time travel to the 1500s, or fast-forward to the future. Books force you to think critically as you experience life through words. An English Literature major allows you to feed your fascinations to dig deeper into God’s calling and conviction for our lives. Just so that we are on the same page, here are some of our department goals:

  • To develop skills to interpret and the knowledge to understand literature from a variety of time periods and cultures
  • To read critically: We engage literature, discerning its truths, lies, and assumptions; we respond to its challenges and to its attempts to tell the truth.
  • To perceive literature as a way of knowing: We should understand that fiction, while not literally true, enables us to experience truth about being human. For example, Jesus's story of the Good Samaritan enabled the Pharisee to discover who his neighbor was as no other means could.
  • To be independent learners, able to search for, assess, and integrate information on literature as well as other subjects.

This major gives you the ability to always have your nose in a book. Your creative spark will be set aflame by learning about literature from a plethora of different cultures, eras, and subject areas.

Course Options Include:

  • World Literature I
  • Reading and Writing of Poetry
  • History of the English Language