Control Systems Process Experimental Unit

Yoseph Kigeneh, Jeremy Kamp, Nate Vruwink

Sponsor: Dordt College engineering department

This senior design team is replacing the dry-heat airflow lab equipment for the Control Systems class at Dordt College. The class uses the lab equipment to model home thermostat behavior with a heater and a fan, and learns different ways to control the temperature. The design team is creating a more cost-effective, resilient design for this piece of lab equipment.

Dordt Electric Car Battery Monitoring System

Jon Bierma, Daniel Gondere, Jared Goedhart

Sponsor: Dordt College engineering department

The car battery monitor was designed for the electric car made by Dordt College seniors in 2009, which had no "fuel" gauge. This project design measures the car batteries' electrical characteristics and calculates the percent of charge remaining in the batteries. This is displayed to the driver, along with the distance that can be driven with that charge.

Gearbox for a Laser-Guided Boring Machine

Jeremy Van Dam, Daniel Hofland, Jordan Yntema

Sponsor: Vermeer Corporation

The AXIS Guided Boring Machine is a product that has been developed by Vermeer Corporation to perform non-invasive drilling in highly residential areas. The purpose of this project was to redesign the gearbox of the boring machine. Goals for this modification were to extend the life of the machine, make the gearbox waterproof, reduce the size of the machine, and reduce the noise level during operation.

Sandy Hollow Bridge

Eric Walter, David Harrold, Mark Nyhoff

Sponsor: Northwest Iowa Outdoor Sports Club

The Sandy Hollow Bridge Design Team designed a bridge to go across the West Branch Floyd River in the southeastern most portion of Sandy Hollow. As the current bridge in this location was washed out by recent flooding events, a new bridge is needed in order to allow users of the area easier access to the southeast corner of Sandy Hollow. This design will allow for light traffic, from foot traffic to pickup trucks, to more easily access this portion of the recreation area.

Solar Power Generation System for ECHO

Danielle DeBoer, Erin Conley, Erin Homan

Sponsor: Dordt College

Our project's goal is to provide Dordt College with a design proposal consisting of a floor plan and required structural support for the theatre arts costume and scene shop spaces. The Science and Technology Center addition has provided the opportunity to remodel these theatre arts areas due to needed improvements to meet fire code regulations. The new design re-arranges and utilizes the current area for additional work space, improved traffic flow, distinct separation between work and business areas, access to on-hand costume and play storage, and overall updated aesthetics for visiting students and customers.

Theater Arts Remodeling Project

Ryan Tholen, Tyler Woudstra, Hannah Orlow

Sponsor: Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization

The goal of this project is to design an off-grid solar power generation system for the Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO) in North Fort Myers, Florida. The system will generate electricity for an office on the ECHO campus, and it will also be used as a demonstration to educate development workers and missionaries on solar power and its benefits for developing countries.