Fluidized Bed Biomass Gasifier

Peter Attema, Jeremy Brue, Evan Steendam, Andrew Tacoma

Sponsor: Dordt College Engineering Department


This group redesigned and initiated construction of a new fluidized bed gasifier for the engineering department. This versatile research unit will allow students and faculty to research bio-renewable energy applications such as the conversion of bio-mass feedstocks into a natural gas substitute, and the co-production of bio-char for the improvement of soil fertility. This reactor, which can be operated as a combustion or gasification unit, will be used as an educational tool for future engineering students and the surrounding community.


Assembling Presenting Column Design

Ergonomic and Efficiency Improvement for Painting Window Sash Ends

Travis Coblentz, Tyler Lilly, & Alex NykampGroup

Sponsor: Pella Corporation - Sioux Center Operations

Working with Pella Windows, the team defined a process and built equipment to facilitate the painting of window sash ends. The design improved the ergonomics, process repeatability, efficiency, and cleanliness of the current process through the use of fixtures and automation. Upon completion, the machine will be placed into service as a part of a window manufacturing process at the Sioux Center plant.


window 1

Powder Paint Packaging Automation

Ted Gibbons, Micah Moss, & Jeremy NederhoffGroup

Sponsor: Diamond Vogel

This group developed a design proposal for a new automated method of filling powder coat paint into its final packaging, to meet goals for labor savings and increased accuracy of the packaging process. Team members also constructed a prototype to demonstrate the design concepts.

Corner Model Working

Sustainable Residence Unit

Kate Du Mez, Danielle Kelderman, Monique Lieuwen, & Joel SchieboutGroup

Sponsor: Dordt College Engineering Department

This team designed a sustainable residence unit for potential use on Dordt's campus. The unit will provide a comfortable living space for up to six residents. The design incorporates renewable energy systems, passive solar design and environmentally friendly materials. The design demonstrates the feasibility of a sustainable lifestyle in Northwest Iowa.

Design Living Room Unit Plan