Door Cycle Test Rig

by Aaron Klein, Jeremy Kuiper, Matt Ruter, Janelle Wassink

BSI-Hardware, an Amesbury Group company, located in Sioux Falls, S.D., sponsored a design team of four students from Dordt College to come up with a design for some new test equipment. The project was to create a cycle test machine for swing patio doors by engaging the multi-point lock, engaging the cylinder lock, then disengaging both locks, operating the door lever or knob, pushing it open and pulling it shut to complete one full cycle.

The new test equipment will allow BSI to cycle test various sizes of doors. In addition to a complete test cycle, each test can be performed individually so that if one only wanted to cycle test the hinges alone, the other test operations can be turned off. Cycle testing counts the number of times a piece of hardware can be operated before it "fails." Cycle test scores are used to provide manufacturers and consumers with the life expectancy of certain products. Students appreciated the opportunity to serve BSI as they seek to provide their customers with both reliable and safe products.

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Solar Tracking System

by Eric Anderson, David Van Ee, James Vis

Students designed a complete photovoltaic generation (PV) system which provides future Solar Energy Engineering classes a system to conduct experiments relating to PV conversion of direct and diffuse solar radiation. The system continually generates enough "renewable" energy to power the workstation lights in the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory on campus. The system is designed to provide full hemispherical motion for research purposes. The tracking system can be controlled manually via local switches or automatically via remote PC control. Students in Solar Energy Engineering class will write algorithms that track the sun's path on any given day of the year. The system demonstrates to students one viable method for developing sustainable energy systems that responsibly use the gifts of energy resources given to us by the Creator.

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Walking Boat Hoist

by Travis De Jong, Curt Lindstrom, Don Stenberg

Students collaborated with a local biomedical engineering corporation to design a mechanism that would improve the production process of a product used by physicians in the treatment of cancer patients. The resulting process re-design not only improved the product production rate, but was also intended to increase the safety of the process while reducing employee fatigue by eliminating tedious and unnecessary steps in the production process.

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Uniframe Mask Process Enhancement

by Harley Janssen, Pete Nanninga, Seth Steensma

Based on a concept provided by inventor/entrepreneur John Byl, students designed a walking boat lift that helps marina managers and boat owners to safely and effectively remove their boats from the water for periodic maintenance and/or seasonal storage. The design of the walking boat lift received top honors (2nd place in the Sports category) for John Byl at the Minnesota Inventors Congress - Expo 2004. For more information regarding the recognition for this design, see page one of the Sioux Center News, June 30, 2004.