Nicaragua Water Collection: A project in water resource stewardship

Jeremy Bollen, Mitch Clark, John Mahan, Brett Nibbelink, Micah Schreur


Retrofitting a Mick Applicator: A biomedical engineering project to assist physicians in cancer treatment

Matt De Jong, Philip Hol, Jeremy Hubers, Tomas Nystrom


Engine Control System: A laboratory system to study I-C engine thermodynamics

Mark Bosma, Nicholas Negen, Nathan Schiermeyer, Matt Veenstra


Solar Air-Heating System: A laboratory system design for studying solar thermal conversion efficiency

Travis Burgers, Justin Dorhout, Gerrit Leusink, Nicole Vos


Real-Time DSP Applications: An application of digital signal processing for industrial noise reduction

Scott Dunwoody, Phillip Pambuh


Pediatric Walker: A design to assist handicapped children in developing countries

David Hjelle, Chad Langer, Ryan Van Der Bill, Alan Yates