Public Relations Emphasis

Do you find conversations refreshing and interesting with new people? Do you enjoy writing in a way that convinces people to act or think in a different way? Public relations may be the right thing for you! Tell the story of an organization and inspire people through a uniquely crafted with framework centered on Christ’s reign over humanity. Become a leader that inspires through our Public Relations emphasis. Learn different methods of persuasion, and crafting coherent speech skills.

Work with real clients, build your own campaigns, learn all you need through project-based classes. You will learn the power of persuasion and the history of how it has been used for greatness and for downfall. You get to be how an organization is perceived. Learn how to give quality content. Provide quality content. 

Some course options

  • Do you have a heart for feeding the hungry? The campaigns and cases course conducted a complete rebrand for the Hope Food Pantry, a local food pantry.
  • Do you want to help a “Christ-centered ministry that provides personal development services to individuals and families who are hurting”? The public relations course created a communication strategy and creative materials for Atlas (Attaining Truth, Love, and Self-Control), a local nonprofit.
  • Have you ever wondered why people do or do not shop at certain stores, or how they use internet services? The marketing research course has conducted research projects for regional grocery store chains and for a communication service provider.


In the public relations emphasis, the first couple of weeks of a semester, you’ll familiarize yourself with the field by discussing specific readings and completing some basic assignments, like reading and critique news releases. Soon after you’ll start in on class projects that will offer practical experience for work in the field, like writing your own news release.