When students graduate and leave campus, it's natural to have some fond remembrances of college life. Dordt alumni are no exception; however, they have more than just fond memories. Many business department graduates remember not only the fun of college life but also the quality of instruction and a commitment throughout the program to a Reformed Christian worldview. The saying "all of life is religion" is taken seriously within the Dordt College business department.

A Dordt college business degree will give you the training and insight for service in a variety of occupations and organizations. Our graduates include directors of hospitals and other not-for-profits, senior managers of large companies, entrepreneurs and small business owners, partners in large accounting firms, and hundreds of others in a wide variety of different businesses. By pursuing a Dordt business degree, you are expanding your career options and preparing yourself for useful service within God's kingdom.

Dordt College business and accounting alumni are employed by a wide variety of interesting organizations. In addition to working at large accounting firms, multinational banks and major car manufacturers, our graduates have also started small businesses, managed orchestras and cities, and become pastors and missionaries. We believe this occurs because of the extensive geographical area from which we draw our students and send our alumni, the breadth of the education they receive (which means they don't all go into conventional businesses) and the fact that our business curriculum focuses on both large and small businesses.

Click here to see some of the hundreds of businesses and other organizations that our students have worked in (as reported in a recent survey).

Our alumni network is also open to students. Many of our alumni welcome student contact and can provide help in job search, placement, and mentoring.