Applied Mathematics Minor

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course options

required Courses:

MATH 152: Calculus I (4)

A study of the basic concepts and techniques of calculus for students in all disciplines. Topics include limits, differentiation, integration, and applications. This course is intended for students without any previous calculus credit. Prerequisite: Mathematics 116 or equivalent or ALEKS PPL score of 70 or higher by third class meeting.

MATH 153: Calculus II (4)

Continuation of Mathematics 152; a study of transcendental functions, integration techniques, Taylor series approximations, calculus in polar coordinates, vectors, calculus of vector valued functions and applications of calculus. Students with one semester of calculus credit should take this course instead of Mathematics 152. Prerequisite: grade of C- or higher in Mathematics 152 or equivalent.

MATH 291: Problem-solving Seminar (1)

Problem-solving is at the heart of doing mathematics. This seminar provides unity to the concepts and approaches learned throughout the mathematics major and minors as it examines various problem-solving techniques. Weekly sessions will be devoted primarily to presenting problem-solving techniques and solving a variety of problems. Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Graded on a pass/no-record basis. Prerequisite: grade of C- or higher in Mathematics 152; or permission of instructor.


three courses from Mathematics 201, 203, 204, 209, 303, 315

MATH 201: Multivariable Calculus (3)

A study of differential and integral calculus of functions of several variables, and line and surface integrals. Prerequisite: grade of C- or higher in Mathematics 153.

MATH 203: Elementary Linear Algebra (3)

An introductory study of vectors, matrices, linear transformations, vector spaces, determinants, and their applications, with particular emphasis upon solving systems of linear equations. Pre or corequisite: Mathematics 153; or permission of instructor.

MATH 204: Differential Equations (3)

An introduction to the theory and techniques of solving elementary differential equations and the use of these techniques in applied problems. Prerequisite: grade of C- or higher in Mathematics 153.

MATH 209: Numerical Analysis (3)

A study of numerical methods for integration, differentiation, calculus of finite differences, and applications, using the computer. Prerequisites: grade of C- or higher in Mathematics 153; Computer Science 115.

MATH 303: Advanced Linear Algebra (3)

An advanced study of vector spaces including matrices, linear transformations, orthogonality, the singular value decomposition, and applications. Prerequisite: Mathematics 203; or permission of instructor.

MATH 315: Complex Analysis (3)

A study of the complex number system, functions of complex numbers, integration, differentiation, power series, residues and poles, and conformal mappings. Prerequisite: grade of C- or higher in Mathematics 201; or permission of instructor.

statistics 131 or 132

STAT 131: Introductory Statistics (4)

An introductory course in statistical techniques and methods and their application to a variety of fields. Topics include data analysis, design of experiments, and statistical inference including confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. Exposure to statistical software and a substantive student project are also part of this course. Prerequisite: an ACT mathematics score of 22 or higher or one course from Mathematics 100, 108, 115 or ALEKS score of 45 of higher.

STAT 132: Accelerated Introductory Statistics (2)

This course covers the same content and learning objectives as Statistics 131 but in half the time. This course, along with Statistics 202 and Statistics 203, also serves as preparation for Actuarial Exam SRM. Additionally this course, along with Statistics 202, Statistics 203, Statistics 220 and Statistics 352, serves as preparation for Actuarial Exam MAS I. Offered first half of spring semester. Credit will not be given for both Statistics 131 and 132. Prerequisite: Mathematics 152 or significant prior experience with statistics.