Program Details

This REU site will give a diverse group of students a cutting-edge research experience in a unique and timely research area, providing an effective avenue for attracting students to, and preparing them for, related fields of study, while simultaneously providing a better understanding of the current mental health in a developing country.

This year the program will run from May 18 - July 24, 2020, with 2 weeks at the end of May taking place in Ukraine and eight weeks in June/July taking place on the campus of Dordt University, in Sioux Center, Iowa. A $5,000 stipend will be provided along with free on-campus housing. We will also cover travel costs to and from campus at the beginning and end of the program, travel costs to and from Ukraine, as well as other travel costs incurred as part of the program (e.g. travel to conferences to present research results).

A passport is required to travel to Ukraine. Current wait-time for passports is six weeks (three weeks for expedited service). 

The Program Directors are aware of tensions in Ukraine and know the political climate can change at any time.  Therefore, we keep close watch of what is happening in Ukraine and regularly check the travel advice provided by the US Department of State.  Alternate locations are available for us to conduct the program.

More than just a ten-week experience

For students participating in the research program, their experience goes well beyond the typical summer research program. Critical components of our program are to bring research results forward to publication in leading peer-reviewed journals and to present our work at national and international conferences in related fields. Most students participating in our program use it as a stepping stone to Ph.D. programs in statistics, biostatistics, statistical genetics, bioinformatics and other related disciplines. many students participating in our program use it as a stepping stone to advanced study in related disciplines.


We take to heart the motto “Work Hard. Play Hard.” With many students conducting research on Dordt’s campus each summer, social and recreational opportunities abound both on campus and in the surrounding area.

What background do I need to apply?

This is an interdisciplinary research experience that is looking for students from a wide variety of backgrounds. A curious intellect and general interest in the research topics are the primary pre-requisites. That said, interdisciplinary research teams will be constructed with an eye towards including students with one or more of the following specific areas of interest (1) Statistics/Biostatistics/Public Health and (2) Psychology/Psychiatry. Additionally, some computer programming (statistical or otherwise) and some knowledge of Ukrainian culture/politics/history are a plus, but should certainly not preclude submitting an application. Each summer we look to hire a set of students with a diverse set of strengths and backgrounds so there are few, if any, specific prerequisites.

How do I apply?

For more information on applying, go here.