Summer Pictures

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The Summer 2020 Research group

Due to COVID travel restrictions, we ran a scaled-back, remote program in summer 2020.

(picture not available) with Brody Receveur (George Mason University), Hanna Venera (Pacific Lutheran University), Jack Wolf (St. Olaf College) and Angela Zigarelli (UMass-Amherst) participating, along with mentors Dr. Nathan Tintle and Jason Westra (Dordt University)

The Summer 2019 Research group

Row 1-Jason Westra, Noah Hillman, Professor Nathan Tintle, Frank Ockerman, Lynn Strokes, Xueting Xia

Row 2- Dhajanae Sylvertooth, Martha Barnard, Olivia Couch, Caden Zonnefeld, Jimmy Lederman, Jack Wolf, David Riadi

The summer 2018 research group

Row 1 – Abbey Bos, Thomas Kamp, Nathan Ryder, Derek, Friend, Jaden Boehme, Ruby Fore, Angela Gasdaska, Eldon Sorenson, Kevin Li
Row 2 – Professor William Lindsey, Emma Boven, Rachel Chen, Molly Creagar, Jason Vander Woude, Jenna Veenstra, Rachel Frantz, Jason Westra, Brian Gilbert, Professor Nathan Tintle


Row 1 – Jason Westra (Dordt University, Trinity Christian HS), Brian Gilbert (Brown University), Jacob Alfieri (North Carolina State University), Lauren Stanislaw (Scripps College), Bethany Lake (Elon University), Sydney Benson (University of St. Thomas), Olivia Couch (Dordt University)
Row 2 – Professor Nathan Tintle, Matthew Anderson (Georgia Southern University), Nicholas Hartman (Cornell University), Nathan Ryder (Dordt University), Shihua Wang (St. Olaf College), Jason Vander Woude (Dordt University), Cassandra Lenderink (Dordt University)

the summer 2016 research group

No picture available.

Micah Adams (Dordt University), Craig Disselkoen (Dordt University), Anya Kalsbeek (Dordt University), Thomas Kamp (Dordt University), Jenna Veenstra (Dordt University), Jason Westra (Dordt University, Trinity Christian HS)


Row 1 – Cindy Nederhoff (Dordt University), Jason Westra (Dordt University, Trinity Christian HS), Brian Greco (University of Michigan), Gino Lerebours (North Carolina State), Mark Huitsing (Dordt University), Matt Bolt (Dordt University), Dr. Nathan Tintle (Dordt University).
Row 2 – Craig Disselkoen (Dordt University), Nathan Ryder (Dordt University), Kristin Koch (Baylor), Katie McKenzie (Duke), Claire Smith (Yale), Jake Clark (Dordt University), Jake O'Bott (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Mac Edmondson (St. Michael's College)

The summer 2014 research group

Row 1 – Alessandra Valcarcel (University of Connecticut), Kaitlyn Cook (Carleton College), Alden Green (Harvard University). Middle row (from left): Yonatan Ashenafi (Dordt University), Jake Clark (Dordt University), Mark Huitsing (Dordt University).
Row 2 – Dr. Nathan Tintle (Dordt University), Jason Westra (Dordt University/Trinity Christian HS), Joshua Cape (Rhodes College/Johns Hopkins University), Elizabeth Held (Iowa State University), Kelsey Grinde (St. Olaf College/University of Washington), Karen Fischer (Dordt University).

The summer 2013 research group

Row 1 – Kaitlyn Cook (Carleton College), Alejandra Benitez (Brown University), Casey Fu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
Row 2 – Jake Clark (Dordt University), Dr. Nathan Tintle (Dordt University), Michael O'Connell (Miami University of Ohio), Kelsey Grinde (St. Olaf College) and Jaron Arbet (Winona State University). Not shown: Jason Westra, Jordan Huisman and Derek DeVries.

The summer 2012 research group

At Genetic Analysis Workshop 18 in Stephenson, Washington, October 2012.

From left: Alexander Luedtke (Brown University/UC Berkeley), Brian Greco (Grinnell College), Carolina Alvarez (Florida International University), Allison Hainline (Baylor University), Ally Rogers (Dordt University), and Dr. Nathan Tintle (Dordt University). Not shown: Andrew Beck (Loyola University, Chicago), Ben Olthoff (Dordt University), and Seth Borchard (Dordt University).

The Summer 2011 research group

From left: Scott Powers (University of North Carolina), Keli Liu (Harvard University), Shannon Fast (St. Olaf College), Morgan Mayer-Jochimsen (Scripps College), Dr. Nathan Tintle (Dordt University). Not shown: Ashley Petersen (St. Olaf College)

The Summer 2010 research group

From left: Alex Sitarik (Wittenberg University), Dr. Airat Bekmetjev, Ben Boerema (University of Michigan), Scott DeClaire (Hope College), Scott Powers (University of North Carolina), Alex Luedtke (Brown University), Ashley Petersen (St. Olaf College), Dr. Nathan Tintle

The Summer 2009 research group

From left: Dr. Airat Bekmetjev, Lauren Bedard (Hope College), Anna Filcik (Hope College), Nate Bowerman (Hope College), Mary Owen (Pomona College), Jennifer James (North Carolina State University), Dr. Nathan Tintle

The Summer 2008 research group

From left: Brian McLellan (Hope College), Ben DeWinkle (Pomona College), Bryce Borchers (Rose-Hulman University), Eric Lunderberg (Hope College), Dr. Airat Bekmetjev, Marshall Brown (Seattle Pacific University), Dr. Nathan Tintle

The Summer 2007 research group

No picture available.

Dirk Van Bruggen (Hope College), Tung Nguyen (Hope College), Brian McLellan (Hope College), Ben DeWinkle (Pomona College), Dr. Airat Bekmetjev, Dr. Nathan Tintle