Project Grants

Faculty Project Grants awarded in 2019

Bomgaars, Deb (June – 2019)

$770 to attend Digital Boot Camp in Austin, Texas.  

Cosgrove, Walker (July – 2019)

$750 for an exploratory trip to Detroit as a potential future site to bring Dordt students to explore Muslim culture as part of History 319.  

Culpepper, Scott (June – 2019)  

$770 to attend the 6th Biennial Conference for the Study of Religion and American Culture.  

MacInnis, John (March – 2019)

$770 to attend the Midwest Chapter of the American Musicological Society spring meeting in the role of treasurer in Kansas City, Missouri.  

Matthews, Josh (August – 2019)

$300 to participate in Film Class at the Glen Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  

Ploegstra, Jeff (Spring – 2019)

$1,200 to pilot an experimental technique for cost-effective profiling of soil microbial communities.  

Van Tol, Kathleen (January-June – 2019)

$2,975 to participate in a Spanish Language Immersion program in order to facilitate future scholarly work (writing and presenting) to be conducted in Spanish.  

Van Tol, Kathleen (April-December – 2019)

$1,000 for travel related to the Dordt University Behavior Clinic Stakeholder Engagement and Feasibility Assessment.  

Van Tol, Kathleen (June – 2019)

$1,780 to receive PEAK training and procure related materials in order to implement this verbal training curriculum to support children with communication needs.