Project Grants

Faculty Project Grants awarded in 2018

Henreckson, David (July – 2018)

$765 to attend the Fellowship for Protestant Ethics Symposium in Waco, TX in his role on the leadership team.

MacInnis, John (April – 2018)

$765 to attend the Midwest Chapter Meeting of the American Musicological Society in Indianapolis, IN in his role as the treasurer of the society.

Wynja, Melanie (January – 2018)

$1,000 to attend the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare in Los Angeles, CA to further her professional development in advance of the revised Nursing program.

Miedema, Brad (February – 2018)

$1,000 to attend a Conductors Symposium at the University of Central Florida.

Bomgaars, Deb (March – 2018)

$1,000 to visit VIAA University in the Netherlands to evaluate feasibility of a study abroad program for nursing.