You’ve thought, you’ve prayed, you’ve talked to others about it, but you’re still not sure if that tug you feel toward Christian ministry is really what you—and God—want to do with your life.

You’re not alone; statistically nearly half of seminarians have completed their B.A. degree before making the decision to seek ordination into church ministry. The next four years in college will play a critical role in this decision, either confirming a call to the Gospel ministry or pulling you into other directions.


That’s why you’ll appreciate Dordt College, where every class in every major is meant “to develop and implement an understanding of the entire creation in the liberating light of the Scripture.”

Taking courses in history, English, philosophy, communication, psychology, the arts and science—all taught in the light of God’s Word—will help you see how you can bring glory to God in almost any topic of study. The knowledge gained through such courses will open your eyes and heart to the needs and concerns of other people.

Individually assigned personal advisors, the camaraderie with fellow pre-seminarians, as well as connecting with students with different life goals, all contribute to the breadth of the Dordt College pre-seminary program.

The vice-president for academic affairs at Calvin Theological Seminary, Dr. Henry De Moor, readily attests to the value of a comprehensive education at Dordt College.

"Our experience is that graduates of Dordt College have been well-prepared for studies at Calvin Theological Seminary. Those who have tended to specific requirements for admission while at Dordt have flourished in their preparation for ministry at our school."

De Moor adds that students from Dordt College tend to be strong in the areas of theology and philosophy. Many of Calvin’s best scholarship awards are presented to Dordt graduates.

“Most are already well on their way in the ability to articulate a uniquely Reformed world and life view," he said.

Representatives from other seminaries also visit the Dordt Campus each year looking for candidates interested in Christian ministry.