Research Opportunities

You will learn by doing through hands-on laboratory experience as we explore the world God created and upholds.

Each year, students of all levels conduct collaborative research with the chemistry faculty, either during the semesters (for credit) or during the summers (as paid research assistants). Dr. Darren Stoub is exploring how changes in protein structure can be used to discover and understand new anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory drugs and to develop novel ways of analyzing biological samples using chemiluminscence. Dr. Carl Fictorie is developing new catalysts for use in the production of biodiesel.
Students have reported their results by being co-authors on peer-reviewed manuscripts and presenters at national and local conferences, such as the American Chemical Society (ACS) and American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB).

In addition to research activities on campus, students are encouraged to apply for a variety of summer research opportunities offered through other universities and laboratories. Dordt students have participated in research through the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF-REU) and with federal laboratories.

In addition to learning by doing, many students learn by teaching. Most majors serve the department as laboratory or classroom assistants, combining work-study income with on-the-job training in research and teaching.