Chemistry is a versatile and stimulating major. A chemistry major from Dordt College can take you to graduate school, a job in industry, a research position, or teaching. Dordt chemistry majors have enrolled at graduate schools in the U.S. and Canada and have received significant assistantships in a variety of graduate programs. Graduates have also obtained excellent positions with local and national companies as teachers, doctors, engineers, salespeople, pharmacists, executives, and more. 

The great need for well-trained science teachers in North America’s schools means that Dordt teacher education graduates in the sciences have little problem finding jobs.

Some of Our Recent Graduates

Maddie Kooima-research scientist at Michelson Lab, China Lake, California (2013)

Jon Vogel-M.S. Program at the University of South Dakota (2012)

Kyle Oostra-lab technician at Diamond Vogel Paints, Iowa (2012)

Emily Huston-Science teacher at Shoreline Christian School, Washington (2011)

Todd Bakker-Science teacher at Surrey Christian School, British Columbia (2010)

Suur Yakubu-M.P.H. Chicago State University (2009)

Kim Walhof-M.D. program at Michigan State University (2008)

Daniel Heckmann-M.D. University of South Dakota (2007)