Ben Kaul

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Tea, South Dakota

Pro-Tech Experience

What I like about Pro-Tech is the number of people that share the same vision of building the next generation of blue collar leaders. The new Agriculture Stewardship Center is physical proof of this! The local businesses have invested so much into the program and into Dordt. My favorite part is the community that Pro-Tech has already built.

Tim Floen, our manufacturing professor, cares a lot. He wants to see you succeed. I think that because Dordt has a low ratio of faculty to students, it is far more difficult to get through school without having someone who believes in you.

My favorite part of my internship has been interacting with supervisors, operators, and vendors. The relationships and culture have really made a difference for me. The work matters, but the people matter more.

Dordt is very good at providing opportunities to become engaged with other students and faculty. We're three-for-three with student engagement. This is a two-way street, faculty can try to engage, but if we as students refuse to respond, engagement isn't present. As students, we have a responsibility to future generations to continue to engage with one another and be excellent examples of Christ.

One of the co-curricular activities I participate in is the Trap Shooting Club—even though my best score is below 15/25 and my worst is below 5/25. I also participate in Chorale, which has been a blessing to practice with and a way to challenge my voice. I would recommend finding co-curriculars to participate in as these help build community and help give a person healthy outlets for the stresses and anxiety that come along with hard classes and busy schedules.