Online Summer Courses

Courses Offered

Get a jump start on your college education by enrolling in summer classes at Dordt College. These summer courses, led by Dordt faculty, are held online (based on availability) for incoming freshmen and transfer students. High school seniors are also eligible to attend the online courses marked with the * symbol.

Session I: Mid-May – late June

BUAD 206: Principles of Marketing (3 credits) 

*CORE 120: English Composition (3 credits)

*CORE 130: Health, Sport, and the Body (1.5 credits) 

CORE 160: Introduction to the Arts (3 credits)

SOC 216: Diversity and Inequality (3 credits)

Session II: Early July – mid-August

CORE 150: Biblical Foundations (3 credits)

*CORE 180: Responding to Literature (3 credits)

PSYC 204: Lifespan Development (3 credits)

SOC 201: Sociology and Social Justice (3 credits) 

Full Summer Course: Mid-May – mid- August

*STAT 131: Elementary Statistics (4 credits)

Course Requirements and Policies

Courses require a significant amount of work and dedication from students. Three credit Session I and II courses require approximately 22.5 hours of work each week and 1.5 credit courses will require about half that much time. STAT 131 is a full summer course that requires about 15 hours of work each week.

Students can drop the course and receive a full refund and without an academic record if they drop the course by the close of business on Friday of the first week of classes. Students have until the close of business on the Friday of the end of week three to withdraw from the course with a pro-rated tuition refund. In the case of a withdrawal, the class will be listed as a "W" on the student's Dordt College transcript.


The application process will remain open until the first day of class or until the slots have filled up.

Complete the online application for summer admission. Admission for summer classes is open until the first day of class or until all available seats are filled.