School Leadership

This 36-semester-hour M.Ed. track will prepare you to be an educational leader, capable of undertaking the tasks and responsibilities of a principal or director of special education. This is a licensure track approved by the state of Iowa and leads to an administrator's license. Significant hours will be spent in field experiences, allowing you the opportunity to put into practice what you are learning in the classroom.

Courses are offered in 15-week semesters and 8-week summer terms.

Students may start the program during any term.  

Typical plan of study:


School Leadership (36 CR)

Summer 1

EDUC: 501, 502, 562

Fall 1

EDUC: 560, 560L

Spring 1

EDUC: 561, 561L

Summer 2

EDUC: 503, 504, 505

Fall 2

EDUC: 563, 563L

Spring 2

EDUC: 564, 564L


EDUC 501 Issues in Education (3 credits, summer) (one week on campus)

EDUC 502 Learner Development and Principles of Learning (3 credits, summer)

EDUC 503 Interpreting and Applying Educational Research (3 credits, summer)

EDUC 504 Curriculum Development and Evaluation (3 credits, summer)

EDUC 505 Education in the Inclusive Classroom (3 credits, summer)

EDUC 560 Foundations of Educational Leadership (3 credits, fall)

EDUC 560L Field Experience I in School Leadership (1.5 credits, fall)

EDUC 561 Instructional Leadership (3 credits, spring)

EDUC 561L Field Experience II in School Leadership (1.5 credits, spring)

EDUC 562 Legal and Ethical Foundations in Educational Leadership (3 credits, summer)

EDUC 563 Collaborative Leadership (3 credits, fall)

EDUC 563L Field Experience III in School Leadership (1.5 credits, fall)

EDUC 564 Management and School Improvement (3 credits, spring)

EDUC 564L Field Experience IV in School Leadership (1.5 credits, spring)