Master of Education Program

Dordt College’s M.Ed. program is Christian, high-quality, online, flexible, affordable, collaborative, and practical.

The Dordt College Master of Education degree program offers several specializations. The Curriculum and Instruction track consists of 30 credits total with specializations in Teacher Leadership, Special Education, Developmental Reading, Early Childhood Education, Educational Technology, and Instructional Coach. The Administration track consists of either a 36-credit specialization in School Leadership leading to an administrative license or a 33-credit Sport Leadership specialization for coaches, athletic directors, and other sport leadership positions.

A Christian pROGRAM

Dordt College infuses every course with biblical perspectives built on the Reformed faith, that affirms that every square inch of creation belongs to God and all learning can serve in God's building of his kingdom. Students from all faith backgrounds and employment situations are welcome in Dordt's course. Graduates of the Dordt M.Ed. program will be better able to articulate and translate their perspective into practice within their classrooms, schools, and communities.

A High-Quality Education

Dordt College is highly ranked for academic quality and student engagement. 80-90% of the courses in each M.Ed. track are taught by full-time faculty members with doctorates and years of relevant school experience. Other courses are taught by highly-qualified, highly-experienced instructors who work as educational consultants, school administrators, etc.

The M.Ed. program is approved by the Higher Learning Commission and the State of Iowa.

Learn online

Dordt uses the Canvas learning management system and provides year-round technical support for student access. All courses are 100% online except for EDUC 501 Issues in Education, which includes one week on campus. This course is offered every summer with the on-campus week in July. Before coming to campus you'll prepare for that class by completing readings and other assignments.

Flexible for working professionals

The program is designed for working professionals who also have a life (such as a family, church commitments, and summer involvements). Students are given an individualized two or three year plan of study (or longer if necessary) and can set their own pace. Students can start the program in the summer, fall, or spring. Students can register themselves online and adjust their plans online to compare different scenarios. Coursework is mostly asynchronous with weekly discussion forums and projects but also multiple opportunities for synchronous video meetings to hear from the instructor and to collaborate with other students.

An affordable option

The M.Ed. tuition rate is $315 per credit, which makes it one of the least expensive M.Ed.s in the country. There is a one-time technology fee and some graduation fee options, but there are no application or registration fees.

Collaborative coursework

Dordt uses 24/7 technologies that allow students to communicate with other students to work on presentations, discussion posts, podcasts, etc. at any time that works well with their busy schedules. Shared folders and discussion forums allow peer-to-peer asynchronous collaboration. Zoom meetings and other video conferencing tools allow group planning meetings, project work, and whole-class discussions.

A Practical purpose

Each course is carefully designed to provide hands-on assignment options that allow students to focus their energies on relevant projects that they really need and will really use in their professional roles. Classroom teachers or school administrators, elementary or secondary, English or music or Bible -- whatever the focus, there's a way to address it in every course.

Quick facts

  • Cost: Tuition is $315/credit with a one-time Technology Fee of $100.
  • The Curriculum and Instruction specializations are 30 credits, the School Leadership specialization is 36 credits, and the Sport Leadership specialization is 33 credits.
  • A typical plan of study includes one course every fall and spring and three courses every summer for two full years. A slower pace can reduce summer work to two courses in each of three summers.
  • The School Leadership specialization includes 400 hours of State of Iowa required contact/mentoring hours as part of the administrative license. These field hours can be done in the school or district in which one is currently teaching and do not require absence from current teaching assignments.
  • All of our courses are online. One foundation course requires one week on campus in July.

Student Testimonials

"Dordt was a great institution to receive my Master's degree from. The course work along with the online format was one of the main reasons I chose to go through Dordt. Because I teach at a public school I felt the course content and Christian perspective challenged me in all aspects to develop all facets of my teaching. Connecting with so many different teachers from across North America allowed us to share our struggles and successes and learn from others about what is effective in their schools. I'd highly recommend this program for someone who wants to be challenged as an educator and to be a part of a progressive learning community."

—Kevin Vanderwal

"Thanks for letting me know I am 'official.' What a great feeling that is! Praise God, and I want you to know that Dordt has been the best education I have ever received. I loved the challenge, growth and the Christian philosophy that fed my heart, mind and soul."

—Alecia Smith

"Thank you for everything you did for me the past few years. I am so thankful for Dordt’s Educational Leadership Program. You are outstanding leaders and it was so great to learn from you as well as my fellow colleagues. The training and education you provided me allowed me to apply for and be chosen for an instructional coach position at our school. Without a doubt, I feel comfortable and excited about this new position because of what Dordt has done for me."

—Dave Vonk