Instructional Coach

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The Instructional Coach specialization consists of 12 courses in a 30 credit hour program that prepares the teacher or administrator to be a competent educational leader in the role of instructional coach. The program provides practical, hands-on learning experiences in teaching and leading in a distinctively Christian manner. Coursework focuses on specific strategies for helping to shape the instructional culture of a school and promote staff professional development. Courses and an internship provide experience in implementing school-wide initiatives in curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and faculty development.


Students may start the program during any term. Most M.Ed. students choose a two or three year plan of study during which they continue to work as a full-time educator. Contact us for a plan that fits your pace and starting point!

M.ED. COURSES IN instructional coach (30 CREDITS)

  • EDUC 501 - Issues in Education (3 credits, summer, fall, spring)
  • EDUC 502 - Learner Development and Principles of Learning (3 credits, summer, spring)
  • EDUC 503a - Interpreting and Applying Educational Research (1.5 credits, summer, fall)
  • EDUC 504 - Curriculum Development and Evaluation (3 credits, summer, fall)
  • EDUC 505 - Foundations of Special Education (3 credits, summer, fall, spring)
  • EDUC 506 - Best Practices in Instructional Strategies (3 credits, summer odd)
  • EDUC 507 - Classroom Assessment Strategies (3 credits, fall)
  • EDUC 522 - Advanced Pedagogies for Teaching Literacy (1.5 credits, spring odd)
  • EDUC 523 - Advanced Pedagogies for Teaching Math (1.5 credits, summer odd)
  • EDUC 551 - High Impact Coaching (3 credits, summer)
  • EDUC 559 - Internship in Instructional Coaching (1.5 credits, fall, spring)
  • EDUC 561- Instructional Leadership (3 credits, fall, spring)