Developmental Reading

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The Developmental Reading specialization consists of 11 courses in a 30 semester hour program that may provide an educator with a reading endorsement on the teaching license and prepares the teacher or administrator to be a competent professional and leader in reading development. The program provides practical, hands-on learning experiences in teaching and leading in a distinctively Christian manner. Coursework focuses on specific strategies for assessing and addressing literacy development and instruction in a school. Courses and field hours provide experience in developing instructional strategies for an elementary literacy program. Additional focus is on working with professionals and parents to maximize literacy development opportunities for children.


Students may start the program during any term. Most M.Ed. students choose a two or three year plan of study during which they continue to work as a full-time educator. Contact us for a plan that fits your pace and starting point!

M.ED. COURSES IN developmental reading (30 CREDITS)

  • EDUC 501 - Issues in Education (3 credits, summer, fall, spring)
  • EDUC 502 - Learner Development and Principles of Learning (3 credits, summer, spring)
  • EDUC 503a - Interpreting and Applying Educational Research (1.5 credits, summer, fall)
  • EDUC 504 - Curriculum Development and Evaluation (3 credits, summer, fall)
  • EDUC 505 - Foundations of Special Education (3 credits, summer, fall, spring)
  • EDUC 506 - Best Practices in Instructional Strategies (3 credits, summer odd)
  • EDUC 508 - Teaching and Learning with Technology (3 credits, spring)
  • EDUC 511 - Assessment of Learning Difficulties (3 credits, fall even)
  • EDUC 513 - Instructional Decisions (3 credits, spring even)
  • EDUC 521 - Advanced Content Reading and Children's Literature (3 credits, summer odd)
  • EDUC 522 - Advanced Pedagogies for Teaching Literacy (1.5 credits, spring odd)