About Me

Dr. Darren Stoub

Dr. Darren Stoub
Professor of Chemistry

Phone: (712) 722-6284
Email: Darren.Stoub@dordt.edu

Who am I?

I am a Christian:

  • God has called me to be His agent IN this world without being OF this world.  I can only begin to do so because of the work of Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of God the father.

I am a Medicinal Biochemist:

  • Using medicinal chemistry, structural biochemistry and molecular biology, we investigate several topics:
  • Integrins are cell surface proteins involved in cellular communication and demonstrate complex signaling pathways. By investigating these pathways, we seek to discover and understand drugs that treat integrin-associated diseases, such as inflammation, cancer metathesis and Lupus.
  • Luciferases are proteins that glow in response to chemical signals.  We are investigating and modifying the structure of Gaussia Luciferase, the smallest luminescent protein, in order to diversify and expand its luminescent properties.  We hope to produce a kit that can be used to identify the presence of biological agents.
  • I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with undergraduate students in my research projects

I am a Professor:

  • I teach courses in Organic , Bio-, and Medicinal Chemistry.
  • I advise students in Chemistry and Biology and help students pursue advanced degrees in science and the Health Professions.
  • I learn from and collaborate with various organizations in the community, including ATLAS and Promise.

I have been trained:

  • Coxe Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Yale Univ.
  • Ph.D. and M.Sc., Organic Chemistry, U. of Rochester
  • B.Sc., Chemistry, Calvin College

I have various interests:

  • Trumpet, Commercial Pilot, travel, good food