About Me

Dr. Tony Jelsma

Dr. Tony Jelsma
Professor of Biology

Phone: (712) 722-6278
Email: Tony.Jelsma@dordt.edu

I joined the department in 2000. I obtained my Ph.D. in cancer research from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. After this I did cancer research in England and worked on nerve regeneration in Montreal. In 1996 I moved into teaching and I taught at Crandall University in Moncton, New Brunswick before coming to Dordt in 2000. I am chair of the department and presently serve as program advisor for the pre-chiropractic and medical laboratory science programs. My academic and research interests are in molecular biology and developmental biology. I have also followed the creation-evolution debate for many years and teach a class in this area.

To keep in shape, I recently resumed playing hockey and get my bike on the road when my schedule and the weather permit.

Some articles I have written for In All Things:

In collaboration with other science professors I have supervised many student summer research internships in cellular and molecular biology. Some of this work was recently published.

I presently have collaborations with Dr. Peter Vitiello and  Dr. Jill Weimer at Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, studying neurodegenerative diseases and the role of antioxidant proteins in organ function. The histology course that I teach has been very helpful to these researchers and has allowed me to incorporate ongoing research into my lab courses.

I teach the following courses at Dordt:

  • Bio 251 Perspectives on Origins
  • Bio 301 Developmental Biology
  • Bio 304 Histology
  • Bio 324 Advanced Genetics
  • Bio 325 Human Anatomy
  • Bio 326 Human Physiology
  • Bio 327 Cadaver Dissection
  • Bio 357 Medical Terminology
  • Bio 358 Introduction to Biological Research
  • Bio 380 Directed Senior Research

Teaching a wide range of courses keeps me stimulated and helps me think of life in a variety of ways.