About Me

Dr. Karen De Mol

Dr. Karen De Mol
Emeritus Professor of Music

Phone: (712) 722-6205
Email: Karen.DeMol@dordt.edu

I currently serve as Adjunct Emerita, specializing in Aural Skills--a series of courses building skills in music reading (translating music notation into sound) and music notation (transcribing what we hear into written notation), skills basic to performance and composition. I also recently taught Music and Worship, incorporating long years of study and experience in worship planning.

In my nearly thirty years at Dordt, I have also taught Music Theory, Music Literature, Introduction to the Arts, and Clarinet, and have served as chair of both the Music Department and the Faculty Assembly.

My research interests are related to these Music courses, in all of which I view music as an important and joyful activity in a world that belongs in every aspect to God our Maker and Lord. I have summarized my understandings in my book entitled Sound Stewardship:  How Shall Christians Think About Music?, an introduction to how Christians can understand music as made of the materials God gave us in creation and entrusted to us as stewards.


My degrees are:

Ph.D. in Music Theory, Northwestern University

M.Mus. in Music Theory, The University of Michigan

A.B. in Music Education, Calvin College