Requirements and Courses

Core Program Requirements for Bachelor's Degrees (41 - 63 credits)
The Core Program for all students pursuing a bachelor's degree consists of pre-disciplinary foundational studies, contextual and interdisciplinary studies, and post-disciplinary integrative studies. Typically, students will begin pre-disciplinary coursework their freshman year and most will complete it by the end of their sophomore year. Beginning with their sophomore year, students will move on to contextual and interdisciplinary coursework, and they will finish their undergraduate careers with the post-disciplinary integrative course work.

Pre-disciplinary Foundational

Academic Competencies
Many of these can be waived if the student has high enough test scores or courses that qualify.
Mathematics competency
English competency
Communication competency
Foreign Language competency

Historical-Redemptive Outlook  
Kingdom, Identity, and Calling CORE 100
Roots of Western Culture and Worldview CORE 140
Western Culture in Global Context CORE 145
Biblical Foundations CORE 150

Contextual Inter-disciplinary

Health, Sport, and the Body CORE 130
Introduction to Lifetime Activities CORE 135
and one activity component or participation in athletics.  
Introduction to the Arts CORE 160
Responding to Literature CORE 180
Introduction to Christian Philosophy CORE 200
Natural Science* CORE 210-219
Quantitative Reasoning* CORE 220-229
Persons in Community* CORE 250-259
Justice and Stewardship* CORE 260-269
Cross-Cultural Studies* CORE 270-289

Post-Disciplinary Integrative

Advanced Reformed Thought* CORE 310-329
Calling, Task, and Culture CORE 399

* Requirements that can be satisfied by a course in a student's major area of study.