Curriculum Development & Student Outcomes

Student Studying

Curriculum development at Dordt College is guided by a document titled "The Educational Framework of Dordt College." The following list of student outcomes is summarized from that document, which is a primary means whereby Dordt College holds itself accountable for student learning. A comprehensive assessment program has been developed that measures the college's effectiveness in meeting these goals. Dordt College is committed to continually improving its educational programs so that we can more completely realize our goals for student learning.

Religious Orientation

Graduates will demonstrate the following:

  • the ability to recognize the Bible's main themes and teachings and its guiding role in a life of Christian discipleship
  • an understanding of the elements of the Reformed faith and worldview
  • the ability to discern, evaluate, and challenge the prevailing spirits and worldviews of our age in the light of God's Word and a reformational perspective
  • a commitment to living a life of Christian discipleship and to transforming those features of our culture that oppose Christ's rule

Creational Structure

Graduates will demonstrate the following:

  • an understanding that all of reality has been structured by God, that he faithfully preserves it through his laws, and that he unifies it in Christ Jesus as its sovereign head
  • an appreciation of the rich diversity within creation and recognition of the interdependence of its various parts and aspects
  • awareness of the central position human beings hold in creation as image bearers of God
  • care and respect for everything God has created
  • the ability to maintain a balanced, wholesome lifestyle
  • the ability to use the ideas, theories, and procedures from a variety of disciplines
  • competence in one or more specialized fields of inquiry
  • the ability to continue developing, sharing, and applying serviceable insights in diverse communities after graduation

Creational Development

Graduates will demonstrate the following:

  • an understanding of how our world has developed historically
  • appreciation of their God-given responsibility to be loving stewards of creation
  • a critical evaluation of the formative processes and religious spirits that have shaped various cultures
  • awareness of the interconnected global nature of contemporary life
  • an ability to evaluate formative influences and to contribute to reformation within their particular disciplines and vocations and in common areas of life

Contemporary Response

Graduates will demonstrate the following:

  • the insights, skills, and strategies needed to serve in their vocations and the common tasks of adult life
  • increasing wisdom, rooted in a mature fear of the Lord, in their understanding of his world and their service to his kingdom
  • commitment to lifelong learning so that they can continue to develop and apply insight in faithful response to God
  • sensitivity to the impact of sin and idolatry in their own lives, in human society, and in the world around them
  • a desire to transform the world for the service of God's kingdom and the good of all his creatures

The list of student outcomes above is a summary of a document titled "The Educational Framework of Dordt College." A companion document, "The Educational Task of Dordt College," is the source of much of the rest of the information summarized here. Print copies are also available on request from the admissions office, the office of college advancement, or the president's office.