Short-Term Off-Campus Programs

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short-term Summer programs

dordt faculty-led programs

Dordt faculty-led summer programs are typically offered in a two year rotation (either even or odd summers). The programs are 2-3 weeks long and complete three Dordt credits. Students should start the summer off-campus application process approximately one year in advance. Check with the Global Education office to see which programs will be offered this coming summer.

encountering the land of Israel*

Travel in Israel for a two-week, transformative immersion course covering the land, culture, and story of the Bible. Biblical study takes on new meaning as you relate it directly to your surroundings through activities and experiences that engage all your senses. In this course, you will learn how to engage crucial political and religious issues from a Biblical perspective. You will experience readings and lectures on the history, culture, archaeology, and geography of Israel. No pre-requisites are required- this course is open to all students. You will receive credit for your CORE cross-cultural requirement or Theology Biblical Studies with this program.

Service and Learning in Southern Africa*

Spend three weeks of your summer in Ndola, Zambia, learning and serving alongside the community there. Spend time at Northrise University, a Christian university in Africa. Learn about the political and economic challenges of the region and gain experience by working with orphans, mentoring youth, or helping on the Northrise University farms. The group will also take a trip to Victoria Falls and go on a safari in Botswana. There will be a pre-trip orientation and assignments related to the history, culture, and nature of the region. Students receive credit for CORE 286 with this program.

Central America: Language, Culture, and Society*

Looking to fulfill your cross-cultural requirement? Immerse yourself in the language, culture, and history of Puerto Rico on this 3 week trip! Explore Puerto Rico's historical roots and the influences shaping this Caribbean Island. Emphasis is placed on understanding the culture and perspective of its people through hands-on investigation. Additionally, you have the option to study the rich and diverse ecosystems in depth, with the possibility of getting Core science credit. Open to any major, Spanish knowledge is not required.

Dutch Culture and a Reformed Worldview*

Ice Cream

Study Dutch culture from the 17th century to the present while living in the Netherlands for three weeks. Examine the history of the Calvinist heritage from the Synod of Dordt to the present day. Discover how Kuyper's Reformed worldview has shaped various aspects of life and society such as church, politics, trade, land reclamation, etc. Special attention will be given to events and sites relating to World War II. There are classes in the morning and field trips in the afternoon. Weekend trips to London and Normandy/Paris are part of the program. CORE 283 is not a language class and is open to students from any major. Students receive credit for CORE 283 with this program. Cost is approximately $3,000, not including plane ticket.

Culture, Missions, and Community Development in Nicaragua*


This course will focus on culture, missions, and community development in cooperation with the Nehemiah Center in Managua, Nicaragua. Through pre-trip orientation and assigned readings and a variety of in-country experiences, students will explore the history, culture, government, and social life of Nicaragua. Through the Nehemiah Center, students will examine how a variety of mission outreaches and community development programs have initiated community development efforts in Nicaragua.

Students will be involved in discussions about the future of Nicaragua and its relationship to the rest of the world, as well as learn about differing philosophies and implementation plans of mission agencies and community development organizations in the area. When possible, students will be given the opportunity to be involved in the day-to-day work of the agencies in Nicaragua. Students receive credit for CORE 284 with this program.

Serving and Learning in Hungary and Transcarpathia, Ukraine*


Arrive in Budapest, Hungary and spend time exploring and studying Hungarian culture and history. Then spend two weeks living in Hungarian communities in rural Transcarpathia, Ukraine. Visit schools in the region and assist in teaching English to middle and high school students and adults. Absorb and experience the local culture and learn from those living in the post-communist era. There will be a pre-trip orientation and assignments related to the history, culture and language of the region. Students receive credit for CORE 282 with this program.



Korea: Korean Culture*

Korean Summer Course

Students will live in Korea for three weeks to study Korea's history, culture, and art. Both in a classroom setting and through travels to urban and traditional settings, students will learn about the history and religions of Korea, with emphasis on their modern development. Students will experience Korean culture through personal relationships with students at Chong-Shin University while they participate in lectures, discussions, and excursions together. This course is open to students of any major who have completed at least one year of college. Students receive credit for CORE 285 with this program.


Other summer Off-Campus Programs


Are you interested in Chicago Semester but unable to participate in the traditional fall and spring semester programs? The new summer Chicago Semester program might be perfect for you. This summer program offers select students paid and unpaid internship options, coursework through the Metropolitan Seminar: Diversity & Inequality, and a living experience in the city that mirrors the semester program. For more information about deadlines and application steps please contact executive director Mackenzi Huyser. You can visit the Chicago Semester website for more information.

Au Sable Institute

The Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies offers field-based courses at two primary campuses: one in the Great Lakes Forest near the middle of the North American continent, the other on the Puget Sound on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, north of Seattle, Washington. The Institute also has a program at ECHO in North Fort Myers, Florida. There are three-week and five-week summer sessions. Courses can be applied toward meeting Dordt University graduation requirements in several majors. Au Sable courses and Dordt courses can also be used to meet requirements for certificates issued by Au Sable Institute in the following areas: Naturalist, Land Resources Analyst, Water Resources Analyst, and Environmental Analyst. Au Sable fellowships and grants-in-aid are available to Dordt students. Talk with the Dordt Au Sable representative, Professor Robert De Haan, for more information.

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Summer In Spain *


A summer term version of Trinity Christian College's Semester in Spain Program in Seville, Spain. Two four-week sessions are offered each summer, with the option to participate in one or both sessions. 

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World Journalism Institute

Asheville, NC

The World Journalism Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, offers summer courses in New York City, Los Angeles, Asheville, Washington, D.C., and here on Dordt's campus, to help train young Christians to write well, observe keenly, and think biblically.

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Chez Vous: Normandy, France *

Chez Vous, France

Chez Vous is a six-week summer program that integrates French language study with real life. Students grow in their French language skills, experience authentic French culture, and learn about the spiritual heritage and ministry opportunities within the Francophone world.

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Oxford Summer Programme *


The Oxford Summer Programme (OSP) is associated with the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. This program is designed for students wishing to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between Christianity and the development of the West. Students have the opportunity to learn under expert Oxford academics in the areas of history, religious studies, political theory, philosophy, English, and history of science. This program is structured for rising college sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate and seminary students, non-traditional students, teachers, and those enrolled in continuing education programs. Students earn 6 semester hours of credit.

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*Participation in one of these programs satisfies the Core Program's cross-cultural requirement.

short-term Winter programs

dante's divine comedy and the italian renaissance

The course will require students to critically analyze the transition from the medieval to the Renaissance worldview, with Florence and Tuscany—key sites for the Italian Renaissance—as the primary example of this transition. Students will analyze how worldview development affected every aspect an entire city and region, and they will critique from a Reformed perspective the particular applications of an all-encompassing, total Roman Catholic worldview that includes in its scope all aspects of human life and society. The course is taught throughout the fall semester and includes a guided 6-8-day trip to Florence, Italy in January, before the spring semester begins.