Financial Info

Financing your semester off-campus may seem like an overwhelming task, but the off-campus office will help you navigate these challenges. Financing an off-campus semester varies depending on what type of program you choose. When you study off-campus for a semester, you make your payment to Dordt College instead of the program itself. You will need to anticipate paying Dordt College tuition, additional program expenses, and the airfare to the country.

Financial Information

For Dordt programs, students can apply all of their outside aid (federal, state, independent sources) and all of their Dordt scholarships and grants to the costs of their off-campus semester. Activity scholarships may not apply. 

For Partner programs, students can apply all of their outside aid and approximately half of their Dordt aid to their semester off campus. Specific information can be obtained by contacting the Financial Aid Office.

Students may choose to participate in more than one off-campus program while at Dordt College, but financial aid may be applied to only one program.

Dordt Programs

The Chicago Semester 
Studies Program In Contemporary Europe (SPICE) 
Studies Program In Nicaragua (SPIN)
Semester in Zambia
Semester in Korea
Semester in Kenya

Partner Programs

CCCU Best Semester Programs 
Calvin College Programs
Creation Care Studies Program
Trinity Semester in Spain
Laurentian Leadership Centre

Additionally, off-campus and study-abroad scholarships may be available for students spending a semester abroad. These scholarships can help with additional costs that students may incur through studying off campus. For more information, contact the Scholarship Office.

Scholarship opportunities from outside sources may exist as well, including the Gilman International Scholarship and the Boren Awards for International Study.