SPICE Student Housing Form

This housing form was developed for participants of SPICE at the VIAA. SPICE is a joint venture of Dordt University and the Gereformeerde Hogeschool. This form provides VIAA with information that is necessary to find a good placement for SPICE students with a host family in Zwolle or Hattem.


This form will also be sent to your host family. Please make sure you fill out the form correctly. Although we do our utmost to find you a placement that meets all your preferences, this might not always be possible. If we are unable to find a placement that meets your smoking preference, food or pet allergies, or mental or physical limitations, we will consult you before matching you up with a host family and will discuss other possibilities with you.

North American students

Students from the USA and Canada should submit the housing form by October 1 with their other application materials.

European students

After the selection procedure and acceptance at their home university, students from Europe should submit the housing form. The completed form is due by November 15, along with the following items:

  1. Student Emergency Form
  2. Motivational letter


If you have any questions about housing arrangements and/or this form, please email Rebecca Tervo at Rebecca.Tervo@dordt.edu.

If you would like to make changes in your housing form after you are accepted as a student on SPICE, please contact VIAA. You can reach our office by telephone or email until Thursday December 16. If you have an urgent remark or question, call instead of email (+11-31-4255542). If you have urgent remarks or questions you would like to share with us December 16-January 4 (Christmas Break), please use the emergency phone number provided to you in an email from VIAA after you have been accepted as a student on SPICE. After January 4, there will be someone available at the International Office again.

VIAA will send you an email as soon as you have been matched to a host family. We prefer to do this before the Christmas Break, but this is not always possible. Keep an eye on your inbox and feel free to contact your host family as soon as you have received their contact information. Most host families love to get in touch with you before your arrival!

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