Other Semester Programs

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Uganda studies program*

The Uganda Studies Program* (USP) offers students a very personal encounter with and people of East Africa. Uganda Christian University (UCU), serves as the base of study for students in the USP. Set on the outskirts of the capital city Kampala, this rapidly growing institution brings USP students together with the UCU Honours College. Courses taught by local faculty in the British tutorial tradition will immerse students in a uniquely African education. Homestays, travel, service learning, and daily interaction with Honours College students form the backbone of the USP experience. Uganda Studies students explore the changing Africa from a variety of perspectives.

Creation Care Study Program*

This semester-long academic experience in Belize or New Zealand is designed to offer students from Christian colleges a field-based education that explores Christian responsibility in a fragmented world marked by poverty, hostility, environmental demise, opportunism, and social disintegration. Students will be challenged to explore the interactions between economic development, society, the environment, government, and faith.



Semester in Spain*

Semester in Spain combines serious classroom study with the best way to learn Spanish: by living in a Spanish home and using the language every day in ordinary conversation.The program offers beginning, intermediate and advanced courses in Spanish. The location in Seville adds cultural and historical depth to the student's studies and makes learning Spanish a memorable experience.


Oman Semester*

For students interested in learning more about the Middle East and about one of the region's main religions, Islam, Northwestern College offers the Oman Semester. Oman is known for its peacefulness, modernity, hospitality, and openness. In addition to studying Arabic, students will also learn about the Islamic religion with a goal of furthering understanding and trust between Christians and Muslims.




Semester in Romania*

In conjunction with the New Horizons Foundation of Romania, Northwestern College offers a unique semester experience in Romania, engaging the culture of a society still emerging from the debilitating impact of a dictatorial Communism. Through this program, students explore various facets of Romanian society while enjoying the beauty of a part of Romania celebrated as one of the top backpacking destinations in Europe. Students engage in experiential learning through New Horizon's pioneering work with Romanian youth while studying Romanian culture, religion, history and language along with a course in sustainable development theory. The program is group oriented, and includes excursions, a mountain backpacking trip, and homestays with Romanian families.



study abroad in lithuania with lcc international*

Students participating in this program are fully immersed in Eastern European cultures as they study in an international community and live in the port city of Klaipėda. Students are housed in one of our residence halls with three international roommates. Taking a wide variety of courses with their Eastern European peers exposes students to a variety of different cultures and enables them to learn the subject material while at the same time challenging their worldview through classroom diversity and intercultural engagement. In addition to academic learning, students are enabled and encouraged to immerse themselves in the community through volunteer and service oriented opportunities as well as academic internships / practicums. This program has spring, fall, and summer options.

Study Engineering in South Africa with Veritas Christian Study Abroad* 

This program takes place in Cape Town, South Africa, the nation’s oldest city. Students on this program will take a Cross-Cultural Leadership course and participate in a Missions/Service Learning Practicum through Veritas Christian Study Abroad. Students can then choose from a variety of different courses offered at the University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa’s oldest university and one of the continent’s leading teaching and research institutions. This program is a great option for STEM majors.



Calvin College Programs


Study in Britain*

Study at Liverpool-Hope University and take courses in business, communication, education, English, film, history, information technology, sport and exercise, or religion. Liverpool is close to Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and boasts a bustling downtown area and thriving arts scene, as well as quiet, green suburban parks.




The Development Studies Program in HonduraS*

This program seeks to integrate faith commitment with academic study. The director will lead discussions, both formal and informal, which encourage students to think and to live as Christians in God's world. Students study Spanish, Honduran history, and development theory in class and put that theory to the test by observing life in their own Honduran family and by visiting garment factories, banana plantations, and subsistence farms.



Study in Hungary at Technical University of BudapesT*

The Hungary program is structured for students to live and study together as a Christian academic community. While doing so, they develop and mature by experiencing a situation different from the familiar, by learning under a variety of teaching styles, by encountering a new set of behaviors and beliefs, and by drawing from course offerings and academic expertise unavailable elsewhere. Students stay in a dormitory of the Karoli Gaspar Reformed University with a roommate from Calvin College and have many opportunities to meet other students, both international and Hungarian.


Study in FrancE*

Living with French families in Grenoble, which is nestled in the French Alps, students study French with other foreign students from around the world. The Centre Universitaire d'Etudes Francaises offers excursions to other regions throughout the academic year to acquaint students with the wide variety of historical, natural, and cultural forces that have shaped contemporary France.



Study in ghanA*

The semester in Ghana program will help students understand the emerging theological, historical, and social perspectives within Ghana and throughout sub-Saharan Africa. As students enter into dialogue with Ghanaians and study the history and peoples of the country, they will encounter worldviews different from those prevalent in North America.




*Participation in one of these programs satisfies the Core Program's cross-cultural requirement.